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Best Disgaea Game. If you are looking for a game that is simple yet addicting, then look no further than the best version of Disgaea: Clear Phytoplimate. This game can be played on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Best of all, this game has been localized into twenty languages across the world!

Best for fans of the original Disgaea and fans of online game adaptations, players take on the role of an inspector tasked to investigate the death of a recently unearthed Transformer. A new danger has presented itself in the form of Deigo, a twisted Transformer who has taken on the appearance of one of Spongebob's friends. The game takes place in the seaside town of Port Royal, where Inspector Typhon and his newfound fan, Jaz, search for clues that will assist them in unraveling the mystery of their long-lost parent. The game switches between third-person point-and-click and first-person view, using a top-down view for the investigation portion. While the game retains its traditional side-scrolling text and picture-based menus, the game has received an overhaul.

Following the conclusion of the first part of the game, you'll find yourself transported to the sea world of Cibik. There, you'll encounter the newest Transformer, Golgas, and his deadly shark infestation. As you battle through the levels, you'll also uncover secret items and unlock secret rooms. In order to progress through the game, you must fight through a series of puzzles and mini-games. For example, you may be asked to locate a secret door by bouncing on a bouncing block or examine a painting hanging on a wall to uncover the secret information.

The music, sound effects, and visual aspects of the game are perhaps its best attributes. Best of all, the graphics have been modernized to provide a pleasing user experience. I especially appreciate how the characters, items, and backgrounds look and move in 3D. They are smoothly animated, while still maintaining the classic style of Super Mario.

If you prefer to play the non-stop action, the game comes with eight different levels, each featuring its own set of enemies and obstacles. Although the objective of the game is to find and unlock the Transformer, some levels are more trial and error than a work of art. Nonetheless, it's exciting to complete each mission and fight through the hazards along the way. Best of all, the game never becomes boring or repetitive.

The best feature of the game is undoubted, its ability to unlock hidden object scenes. HOGs (hidden object scenes) are fun to discover, as well as being one of the best ways to upgrade your game! With so many different secrets to discover and items to collect, you never know what kind of hidden object scene you might stumble upon. For me, the best part of the game is collecting all the coins collected during each level, which gives you extra lives to play through the levels over again!



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