Best Commercial – ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Best Commercial – ProTeam Commercial Backpack Vacuum

Behold a machine that surpasses all of its predecessors with its powerful cleaning technology. All achieved by a strong 1108 W motor that makes a suction so powerful, making it efficient against most surfaces — carpets, hard floors, curtains, mattresses, cushions, and plush surfaces.

Another feature that creates this commercial vacuum stand out is that the larger than average dirt bag capacity. It can filter up to 3 times more air than most traditional vacuums, meaning you wouldn’t got to change the bag often.

All this without triggering any allergies or irritation, because of the four stages of filtration system, which is sweet for people with asthma and respiratory sensitivity. one among them may be a HEPA filter media that efficiently eliminates dust mites, pet dander, smoke, debris, sand, and pollens at the micron level.

As for the convenience of use, this model is that the winner. The long 50″ of power line allows you to wash most of the rooms without plugging the device off. Plus, it are often strapped to your back, and therefore the lightweight construction makes the task hassle-free.

In terms of design, the unit is different than traditional canister devices like the discussed Miele C2 series, making it a singular backpack cleaner.


Features Highlights:

Power: 1108 W
Weight: 11 lbs.
Multi-surface cleaner: wood, tile and carpet
Four stages of filtration system
HEPA filter included
Power cord: 50-foot (very long)
Large dirt bag capacity


it's a light-weight and quiet vacuum.
The prolevel filtration is awfully impressive to trap most the allergens
it's extra long cord and provides wider reach.
The dirtbag features a large capacity so eliminate of getting to empty it often.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor cleaning as equipped with several accessories to assist you clean the massive areas.


Backpacking the device won't be the simplest thanks to clean the hard to succeed in places but this machine is lightweight.
It doesn't have accessories storage compartment.